Happiness is one of the most

inherent human pursuits

Our personal happiness has a major impact on our productivity at work, on what we buy and consume, on our personal relationships and determines our social choices.

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Ritu Raj, CEO and Founder
Ritu Raj

Ritu Raj is a serial entrepreneur, he was on the team that created SideCar, Founder & CEO of Wag Hotels, prior to that Founder and CEO of Avasta – the first cloud computing company. He was a Partner at Accenture, and VP at TMP Worldwide.

Edward Smith, CTO
Ed Smith

Ed has been software engineer for more than 30 years, spanning from Burroughs to working on iPhone for the last 10 years. He was the lead architect and developer for the iPhone App for SideCar, Vualla and Relcy.

Thomas Attwood, Data Scientist
Tom Atwood

Tom is a data scientist, he has a MS from Stanford in Engineering . Prior to that he was at Dartmouth where got a degree in English Literature. Before working with Happy data, he was developing an algorithm to detect electricity theft in Romania.